Marcello De Francisci has composed and produced music for an array of motion picture soundtrack scores, including for Michael Mann’s ‘Ferrari’, Alexander Payne’s five-time Academy Award-nominated ‘Nebraska’, Natalie Portman’s first Western genre film ‘Jane Got A Gun’, and acclaimed feature documentary ‘Samsara’.. Marcello has also collaborated with world-renowned singer Lisa Gerrard (‘Dead Can Dance’ band member & Golden Globe winner for co-composing the score to ‘Gladiator’) on numerous film projects, in addition, Marcello and Lisa worked on two artist albums –  ‘Departum’, and its recent successor ‘Exaudia’. He is a recipient of the prestigious “Best Soundtrack of the Year G.A.N.G. Award” for Sony Computer Entertainment’s first ‘God of War’ game, as well as winning two Australian Film Critic’s Awards for his scores to the films ‘Balibo’, and ‘Oranges & Sunshine’.
His music has been licensed on countless motion picture-television trailer ad campaigns, which include J.J. Abrams ‘Mission Impossible III’, Yi-Mou Zhang’s ‘Hero’, Conrad Vernon & Rob Letterman’s ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’, John Moore’s ‘Flight of the Phoenix’, Mike Newell’s ‘Prince of Persia’, the Russo Brother’s ‘Avengers-Endgame’, Ridley Scott’s ‘Exodus’, James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, Jerry Bruckheimer’s ‘National Treasure’, Guillermo Del Toro’s ‘Hellboy’ and Netflix’s series trailer for ‘Rise of Empires – Ottoman’.
Inspired by contemporary film soundtrack scores, classical music, and world travels, “Ante Diem” unifies and revisits the sounds of Marcello De Francisci’s eclectic musical career thus far. De Francisci is thrilled to have Persian singer Baha Shah and soprano Vanessa Lam lend their talents to ‘Ante Diem’ adding that they “have brought a lot of devotion and inspiration to my music”. For those already acquainted with his work, with ‘Ante Diem’ you will find yourself taken on a journey rich with the familiar taste of MDF’s eloquent composition. 


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