UK-based husband and wife duo Dan and Deryn Cullen are releasing their debut album, I AM CELLO. With a decade of Film, TV and Game composition behind them, the Cullens have forged a unique and exhilarating sound, defined by Dan’s bold, expressive and epic compositional style and Deryn’s rich, virtuosic cello playing. Deryn creates extraordinary textures by taking on the role of an entire string section, recording all violin, viola, cello and bass parts on various coveted celli in her broad collection. The result is at once a familiar, yet exotic and truly one-of-a-kind sonic experience.
I AM CELLO draws from the troubled times engulfing us, painting a musical world of light and dark, weeping over that which divides us and celebrating that which unites us. It is a master work quite unlike any other. Deryn’s exquisite cello ensemble give Dan’s dramatic orchestrations the life and dynamics it deserves; a magnificent live choir recorded in LA accentuates the epic emotion; and award-winning Epic Music producer Yoav Goren’s creative direction and lush three-dimensional mixes elevate each track to astonishing heights. The result is a musical experience that will evoke passion, tears and joy – sometimes all at once – and will have you reaching for the repeat button.


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